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About the Gravity PC Mount

Designed to showcase your pc build in a space saving wall mount design.  Customize layouts, graphics, and lighting effect.  Turn your pc into wall art and functional centerpiece.  Supports standard ATX and Micro ATX mother boards, 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives, GPU,  CPU Coolers, Power Supply, and the list goes on.  Use our standard layouts or contact us for custom layouts.  The Gravity PC Mount comes pre-built ready for you to add your pc components.  Simple, elegant, and efficient.

Gravity PC Mount Features

Gravity PC Mount

CNC precision cut to specification.  Made from high quality .5″ MDF core wood with black laminate pressed on both sides.  Cord management input/output holes.  Plexiglass with 90″ light distribution channels for maximum edge glow.  Color changing led light strip installed with remote.  Wall mount hardware.

Mounting Plate Sizing


Standard Layout

Choose from out standard layout and add more options depending on your build.

Standard layout mounting plates included:

  • mATX or ATX Motherboard
  • CPU cooler
  • GPU
  • ATX standard power supply
  • 2.5″ or 3.5″ hard drive


Add more component mounting plates for your build goals.  The Gravity PC Mount is made of .5″ wood and mounting plates are .125″ plex so you can also easily customize your own mounting holes for your unique parts.  Add preinstalled vinyl graphics for a truly custom look.  Have a unique idea, contact us to work with our team.


How to Customize Mounting Plate


Remove your clear plex mounting plate via screws, put on component where you want, and mark holes.


Drill out mounting holes, affix back on Gravity PC Mount, drill through mount wood.  


Use provided hardware to mount component to Gravity PC Mount.

Recent Reviews

User: DeadlyCorpse


I do not have the DIY skills nor tools to do something like this, but always wanted one.  The Gravity PC Mount was simple from ordering to installation.  Turned out Awesome!

User: MafiaSquad

Space Saving

Got a Gravity PC Mount to save space.  We live in a smaller apartment and this mount not only solved our space issue, but looks great on our wall.

User: PowerDevils


I loved the customization options.  The mount came ready to install my components.  After a couple small additional customizations I had something unique.  My online group is beyond jealous.  

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Click mounting plate image to determine what size plates you need for your componenets.

Select your mounting plate sizes needed depending on your build.  The motherboard. ATX power supply, and hard drive components are standard sizing so all mounting holes are pre-drilled and ready for installation.  GPU and CPU Cooler can vary so select the plate that is the next size larger than your component.  Simply put your component clear plate on your component, mark, and drill needed mounting holes specific to your build.  Use provided mounting hardware to add to mount.  LED light channels are preinstalled for all plates. 

Gravity PC Mount

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